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The Different Types of Properties that can be Financed with a Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage can be used to finance a wide range of commercial properties, including:

  1. Office Buildings: These include any type of commercial building that is primarily used for office space, such as skyscrapers, business parks, and shared workspaces.

  2. Retail Properties: These can include shopping centers, strip malls, and individual storefronts, as well as standalone properties like car dealerships and gas stations.

  3. Industrial Properties: These include warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

  4. Multi-Family Properties: These can include apartment buildings, townhouses, and other multi-unit residential properties.

  5. Hospitality Properties: These can include hotels, motels, resorts, and other properties designed for short-term stays.

  6. Healthcare Properties: These include hospitals, medical clinics, and other healthcare-related facilities.

  7. Mixed-Use Properties: These are properties that combine two or more types of commercial real estate, such as a building with both retail and residential space.

It's important to note that the specific types of properties that can be financed with a commercial mortgage may vary depending on the lender and the borrower's financial situation.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to discuss a scenario of your own with our team, please feel free to contact Colin Dubel at or 949-735-6415.


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