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Offic Building

LOAN AMOUNT:       $10,500,000 TOTAL LOAN






HarborWest was chosen as mortgage advisor to arrange a $10,500,000 cash-out refinance for an office building in Los Angeles, CA. The property was primary leased to a payroll company with a long-standing occupancy, and 15% to the owner's company which was used infrequently for client meetings and storage. The building had a $21,000,000 valuation and an owner that demanded extremely competitive terms with conditions waived that would be standard for any other similar transaction.


The building was leased 85% to a non-credit tenant that refused to provide financials and had near-term lease rollover risk. The owner requested non-recourse on the loan, and even no personal guarantee on the owner-user lease, nor was he willing to provide personal financials or credit for lender review. The current debt was only $3,000,000 which resulted in a large cash-out request of $7,500,000 for unrestricted personal use funded as a lump sum at closing. The client spent 4 months trying with other lenders before contacting us.


HarborWest was able to capitalize on a long-standing debt fund relationship to justify that the majority tenant had a long history at the property and negotiated favorable reserve and trigger events to get the lender comfortable with tenancy. The top market location, 50% LTV and proof of substantial borrower liquidity helped to get the large cash-out approved with minimal documentation that would usually be required. Our team leveraged our managed bid process to negotiate and secure very competitive terms and flexible conditions for our client.

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We are proud to be the #1 most rated commercial mortgage brokerage in the Western Region by GOOGLE BUSINESS for 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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"There aren't many companies out there that still hold traditional values. Where personal service and a handshake go a long way, Colin is one of those guys. I couldn't have been more satisfied with his professionalism and responsiveness." - Yaniv, Los Angeles

"Refinancing is a harrowing, complex process. Into this challenging arena steps Colin Dubel. The first thing we noticed about Colin was his ability to really listen and responsiveness. We quickly learned that along with his ability to connect, Colin possessed a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism." - Gayle, Oakland

"HarborWest provided us an excellent level of service, great communication, and an easy process to refinance multiple  loans. They did all the hard work and followed through and successfully refinanced our loans within our tight timeline." - Heather, Phoenix

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